My Advice to Republicans

After today’s news conference which starred the most arrogant man alive, the Republicans should give Obama the proverbial finger and head home.

It is this simple.  The President did get elected and has the mandate that all newly elected presidents have.  So give him a tax increase on the wealthy.  Don’t give him the everything, but let the Bush era tax cuts expire for those making over $500,000 and then indefinitely extend the rest of the current tax rates.

Then, attach to this bill, the provision that government spending will be frozen for the next two years at the 2012 fiscal year levels.

To even the low information voter, it will seem the President got what he wanted, a tax on the rich, while, in reality, only very few Americans will be affected.  Conversely, we will get what we want, an end to ever increasing federal budgets.

The House should send this bill the Senate and loudly announce the conditions of President Obama have been meet.  In a balanced way, the rich have been taxed and government spending has been addressed.  Then the House should adjourn and leave town.

For the purist, I say simply that sometimes you have to make strategic retreats and sometimes you don’t get everything you want.  That’s life.  Holding the line on no new taxes is living in a fantasy land.  On the other hand, if you are going to give up something, make damn sure you get something in return.

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