Official Deficit for November $172,112 Billion

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Looking at the Treasury’s posting of last month’s Federal deficit, it is obvious that ours is not a revenue issue.  After all, November FY 2013 saw a $9 billion increase in revenue.  Spending, though, increased by $44 billion year over year.

The bottom line problem is that people are voting their self-interest.  When one can vote for a free ride, today’s wisdom says do it.

Unfortunately for this Republic to survive, its citizenry must possesses virtue.  Virtue, among other things includes patriotism, thrift, a strong work ethic, and independent spirit,  religiosity, morality, and a sense of shame. Virtue in one sense, tends to keep the state at arms length.  While one might be proud of their nation, that same person also exhibits a streak of independent thinking and behavior, which sees a certain shame in becoming  a ward of the state.

Today, a large plurality of our population lacks the virtue necessary to keep a Republic healthy.  They have traded their birthright as a free citizen of a republic for that of a subject, dependent upon the good will of the king, tyrant, despot, or authoritarian.

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