Be Careful What You Vote For…

A friend told me this story.  At work, earlier this week, a regular customer, a black women, wearing an Obama t-shirt , told my friend that the company her husband worked for just announced that they were going to lay off 11 of their 60 workers beginning January 1st.  She wasn’t sure if her husband would get the axe.  Additionally, the company also told their employees that they would only provide single coverage  health care commencing January 1st as well.  Assuming her husband still had a job, that meant she was going to be dropped from her husband’s medical plan and that she would have to apply for Medicaid.  She was worried because she had a number of serious ailments.

My friend got the general gist that this Obama supporter got exactly what she voted for, but she missed the delicious details.  This small business is making an end run around the 50 or more employee clause of Obamacare that requires a business to supply healthcare to all full-time employees.  By firing 11 people, they skirt that provision.

In dropping coverage for family members, that very same business is taking advantage of Obamacare and is foisting cost off onto the government and ultimately the taxpayer.

As you know, if you read the rightosphere, there is a train of thought that simply says “let it burn.”  Ace talks about it here.  I think I’ve joined that line of reasoning.

The only way Obama supporters and Democrats in general are going to be disabused of the belief that government will take care of them, that taxing the rich will pay for it all, and that there is such a thing as a free lunch is to let the system implode.

That means, in regards to the debt ceiling negotiations, simply walk away.

Let the Bush Tax Cuts expire.

Let the AMT hit the lower middle class.

Let people find out how much they will pay for healthcare under Obamacare.

Let people panic when it takes three months to get a doctor’s appointment.

Let people die because Obamacare refuses a treatment or delays it.

Let the lowest tax bracket revert back to 15%.

Let millions of people be added to the tax rolls and let them see Federal taxes taken from their paycheck for the first time in a decade.

Let people, like the husband of the woman mentioned above, face layoffs as businesses avoid being sanctioned by Obamacare.

Let people face the prospect of supporting a family on part-time hours.

Le the country fall back into deep recession or depression because of the policies of the Democrats.

There simply is not enough money to be taxed in this country for the government to make this a soft landing.  Of course it will hurt us as well as “them”.  But “we” are better prepared and more resourceful than the left and we will make it through the hard times.

On the other hand, the dependent class will suffer greatly and when the Federal government fails to come to their aid, simply because it has no money and lacks to the capacity to care for that many people, the adults can take back the reigns of government.

Machiavelli was found of noting that war was a mechanism to reinvigorate the virtue of the people.  Hard and desperate time have the same effect.

“Let it burn” and burn it will , and even if the Republicans cave, it will delay the inevitable only for  few years at best.  Trillion dollar deficits and cheap money and a bloated welfare state are not sustainable in the long run.

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