Remember the Looming Fiscal Cliff?

Nov 24, 12 Remember the Looming Fiscal Cliff?

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Well, apparently either does Obama as he headed out the course yesterday. Shouldn’t the President be negotiating right now?  Our nation’s future is only at risk. The old president, meet the new…. While the nation founders, our President takes a practice...

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The New Normal

Nov 24, 12 The New Normal

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Remember when our country strived to imitate a certain level of culture?  I do, and this is just said.  A race to the bottom. An Annapolis woman is behind bars,  charged with stabbing a relative during Thanksgiving dinner. It happened Thursday at around 9:30 p.m. in the 1100- block Madison Street. Police say 27-year-old Shenika...

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Picture of Day

Nov 21, 12 Picture of Day

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Satan’s Fucktard of the Week

Nov 21, 12 Satan’s Fucktard of the Week

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Sorry about the language, but there is simply no other way to describe the mental retardation, racism, emotionalism, and demagoguery exhibited by Rep. Fudge. Dear Lordy, a white man criticized Ambassador Rice, another fucktard, because she was either lying or she was so uninformed about events and culture in the Middle East that...

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Illegal Alien Receives Death Sentence for Murder

An illegal immigrant who murdered a 17 year high school student received the death penalty earlier this month. On Friday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald Rose sentenced Pedro Espinoza to death for the 2008 murder of high school football standout, 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw. Espinoza, a member of the notoriously violent...

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