Satan’s Fucktard of the Week

Sorry about the language, but there is simply no other way to describe the mental retardation, racism, emotionalism, and demagoguery exhibited by Rep. Fudge.

Dear Lordy, a white man criticized Ambassador Rice, another fucktard, because she was either lying or she was so uninformed about events and culture in the Middle East that she actually believed a You Tube video was the root cause of the attack on our diplomatic mission.

If you have the stomach, here is the Rep. Fudge being an outright racist and moron.

Being the Rhodes Scholar that she is, Rep. Fudge, apparently never considered that as Secretary of State, Ms. Rice might be the recipient of even greater scorn and derision.  Would that be racist as well?  If the poor little women withers under criticism from a mere Senator, what would the little do when a big bad dictator makes her look like a fool?

Stupid people, like Rep. Fudge, as all dangerous fucktards like her, have a warm place in hell reserved.

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