Illegal Alien Receives Death Sentence for Murder

An illegal immigrant who murdered a 17 year high school student received the death penalty earlier this month.

On Friday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Ronald Rose sentenced Pedro Espinoza to death for the 2008 murder of high school football standout, 17-year-old Jamiel Shaw.

Espinoza, a member of the notoriously violent 18th Street gang, was convicted of first-degree murder in May.

Judge Rose told a packed courtroom: “This defendant executed the victim in this as he lay defenseless and incapacitated on the ground, without a weapon.”

In March 2008, as Jamiel walked home in his Arlington Heights neighborhood, Espinoza pulled alongside the teenager, and asked him what gang he was in.

According to witnesses, Jamiel did not answer him…he did not answer because he had no part of gang life.  Read More…

No big deal, I guess, for the defenders of illegal immigration–after all, it was only black kid who was killed.



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