Election Night Coverage-Updated Regularly

For good or bad…

Updates will be added to the bottom of the post (normal reading) as the night goes.

So, this is the map to beat.

So far, Romney has won Indiana, which McCain lost in 2008, plus he has picked up WV, GA, KY, SC, WV, all of which went Republican in 2008.  So far, Romney has clawed back one state from Obama.

In Hamilton County, which is Greater Cincinnati, here are some early vote results results.

In Clermont County (once again northern Cincinnati suburb)

Butler County (Greater Cincinnati)

click to see full size

Brown County (Greater Cincinnati)

Early voting in Ohio going Obama, ugh…

Ohio, mostly early voting.

Don’t write Ohio off yet.  Hamilton County hasn’t even reported results from the precinct level as of yet, whereas the Cleveland area has…

Ohio tightens up as of 9 pm.

Florida leaning Romney.

Looks like Romney lost.  Free shit for all it is!

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