Dammit, Top Flite Golf Balls are Made in China

Getting ready to leave for my annual golf trip, this time to Pinehurst, North Carolina and I went to pick up some golf balls.  At one time, I only played wound balls like Titleist, but as I played less and my back issues became more pronounced, cheaper balls like Top Flite sufficed.

As I was looking at balls today, I just happened to notice that the Top Flite balls I was going to buy were made in China.

Son of Bitch, China, really?

I was kind of stunned.  I just had assumed that golf balls were made in the U.S.A.  So I began picking up other brands and sure enough, some were made in China, others Taiwan, and a few in Japan.

I picked up a package of Titleist balls and low and behold, they were American made.


With that in mind, I just couldn’t buy a ball made in China and I bought two boxes of Titleists.  Sure that makes my hobby more expensive, but dammit, I will not buy Chinese made products when an American made product is available.

Of course the Chinese produced balls were cheaper, but sometimes doing the right thing has a cost attached and if you golf, I urge you to support Titleist and their workers right here in the USA.


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