Biden’s Performance Won’t Win the Undecideds

I can’t imagine anyone but the rabid MSNBC type liked the angry, drunk Joe Biden mumbling, smirking, and talking over Ryan very much.  Biden frankly acted like a dick, not the Cheney or Rumsfield kind of dick, but rather belligerent drunk kind of dick.  Even though I wanted Ryan to pop Biden in the mouth for interrupting him, he came across as professional.

My thought is that women, especially, were turned off by Biden the asshole.



  1. Yes, it must be discouraging to see the vice president mop the floor with your golden boy and great hope. Unlike his lie-filled acceptance speech (savaged by fact-checkers as one of the most dishonest ever delivered at a major party convention), Ryan lies were confronted and easily slapped-down by Biden. Not only was Ryan exposed for being a liar (there were twenty-four separate whoppers, just three short of the number uttered in the first debate by the Tommy Flinagan/Joe Isuzu style pathological liar heading the ticket), but also as a fraud (his tax and budgetary ideas collapsed like a house of cards) and rank hypocrite (pleading for stimulus funds after condemning the program). The icing on the cake was his exposure as a know-nothing on foreign and defense policy, particularly his embarassing, non-sensical ramblings in reaction to the Afghanistan question.

    Conservatives – knowing that they clearly lost this encounter – are now lashing out at Biden for being rude and interrupting (of course, excusing Romney’s boorish behavior in the first debate) and making outlandish, fact-free assertions like the vice-president was drunk. It turns out that given his family’s history of alcoholism, Biden doesn’t drink and therefore wouldn’t be drunk. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen – I know Joe Biden, and Joe Biden is no John Boehner.

    BTW, happy belated birthday!

    • themachiavellian /

      Angry Joe forgot the truth a couple times.

      -he voted against the war in Afghanistan and Iraq
      -that Obamacare will not force Catholic institutions to cover abortions.

      The U.S. Catholic Bishops issued a letter the day noting that Joe might be wise to hit the confessional ASAP.

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