Post Debate Thoughts

Wednesday night exposed the narcissistic leftist that is Obama. He blew off debate preparation like he blew off the call about our Libyan embassy while he went to bed as our ambassador was murdered.

There was no teleprompter or adoring press to save him and unlike 2008, Obama now has an opponent willing to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

I don’t know who will win in November, but it was nice to see the leftist ideology of the President exposed, unfiltered, on national TV to an audience of 63 million.

Even the faithful at MSNBC and CNN couldn’t hide or spin the unvarnished truth.

By the way, here is truth #1
-African American unemployment under Obama-14.1%

-deficit so far this year $1.16 trillion

-day after attack on our embassy in Libya, with our ambassador and 2 other Americans dead, Obama heads to Vegas to campaign

-shovel ready jobs in the American Recovery Act (aka The Stimulus) was only 5% of the total package of $867 billion, or $39 billion (see

-1/3 of the American Recovery Act (aka The Stimulus) were transfer payments, i.e., food stamps, housing vouchers, Medicaid payments, and other welfare benefits (see

-The Obama administration loaned Fisker Automotive over $500 million so they could build a $100,000 luxury electric car in Finland yet Obama is against $2.8 billion in tax breaks for oil companies so that they can drill for oil in the U.S.A.

Vote with your mind, not your heart. I have always voted for whom I thought to be the best man and at times that has meant I have voted for candidates that WERE NOT REPUBLICAN.

The question that you must ask yourself, is “Am I voting for the party or for the good of the country?”

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