Great Comments After Last Night’s Debates

I just jotted these down last night on paper as I saw them on Twitter, in the comments of blogs, and as I heard them on TV.  I don’t have the attributions, none of them are mine, but they sure are funny and spot on!

  • Wonder if butthurt is covered under Obamacare?
  • Romney acted so much like a world leader tonight, Obama will probably bow to him at the second debate.
  • The LAPD called the Romney campaign to say “dude, that was too brutal”
  • Obama: “Get in their face”, “Bring a gun”, “Hit them back twice as hard”.  Romney: “Thanks for the advice.”
  • So after tonight, I guess the polls will have to over sample Democrats by +30
  • “Romney channeled Reagan and Obama channeled Biden”
  • Chris Mathews just lowered the flag at MSNBC to half mast.
  • Romney mentioned the 10th amendment.   Obama wished he was on the 10th hole.

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