Have You Donated to Romney Yet?

Finally got my yard sign today.

I bought the sign from Romney’s campaign site and added in a donation as well.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve given money to a politician.

Yes I know Mitt Romney isn’t the perfect conservative candidate, but let me ask you this:  What in life is perfect?  You make compromises in almost everything you do.  Is your job perfect?  Is your spouse perfect?  Do you live in the perfect house?  Did you go to the perfect college?

Sometimes life is a compromise, sometimes, given the cards you are dealt, you settle, and often, when money is involved, you go with what you can afford and not what you want.

Mitt Romney is all of what I said above, and then some.  Yet, if you decide to not vote or to vote for some third party libertarian candidate in protest, you in effect have voted for BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

And, if Romney isn’t perfect, what in the hell does that make Obama?

Let me just remind you of what Obama is and what he stands for.

He is a Marxist, he was indoctrinated by Marxists, and he has associated with Marxists his entire life.  You know this to be true.

He views America as permanently stained by race relations and for him, that sin is not redeemable.  He dislikes his own country as it stands.  You know this to be true.

He believes the answer to America’s sinfulness is top down, state planning, which by design, makes people dependent upon the government for their well-being.  You know this to be true.

He believes in his own biographies and therefore is rather arrogant.  He doesn’t lead, he doesn’t compromise, and he doesn’t do the job required of him.  After all, when in his career was he ever required to work hard?  You know this to be true.

And still, despite knowing that BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is a danger to this republic, you are still throwing a temper tantrum because Romney isn’t ideologically perfect.

Romney is our guy, imperfect as he is.  That means, with the rise of conservative involvement, which began with the rebellion against Bush’s amnesty plan and culminated with the creation of the Tea Party, we can make Mitt do the right thing on the big policy questions that we feel the most passionate about.

We can make Mitt Romney open up our energy reserves.  We can make Mitt Romney dismantle Obamacare.  We can make Mitt Romney secure our borders.  We can make Mitt Romney oppose de facto blasphemy laws.  We can make Mitt Romney cut the deficit.

But, I promise you, that if BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA IS RE-ELECTED, we cannot make he do any of that.  Period.

Suck it up.  Get over yourself.  Think about the future of this once great republic, send Romney $25, and show up to vote straight Republican (unless they are child molesters) on November 6th.  Otherwise, be willing to live under four more years of the Obama agenda.



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