The Religion that YOU CAN’T Say Anything Bad About Kills Child in Kenya

The Religion of Perpetual Violence killed a child and wound others in an attack against a Christian Church in Kenya.

Mr. President, where are the speeches and denunciations?

Kenyan police say a grenade attack at a church in the capital, Nairobi, Sunday killed a nine-year-old boy and wounded three other children.

Police chief Moses Ombati says he believes sympathizers of al-Shabab Islamic militants were responsible.

Police say the children were at a Sunday school service at Saint Polycarp Church in Nairobi when someone threw a grenade into the building.

Authorities also believe al-Shabab supporters shot and killed two officers on patrol in the city of Garissa, near the border with Somalia Sunday. The attackers stole the officers’ rifles.

Al-Shabab militants are struggling to hold on to the few remaining areas they control in Somalia, where Somali and African Union forces stymied their efforts to set up a conservative Islamic state.  Read more….

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