So How Has Obama’s Arab Spring Support Worked Out?

President Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy in Iran, Libya, and Egypt have been disastrous.

First, when Iranians took to the streets in 2009 to protest against the theocracy, Obama missed an opportunity to help the Green Revolution overthrow Islamic regime in Teheran.  Hot Air has a good summary of how the Obama administration missed their opportunity. Why did Obama hesitate to destabilize a regime that is an enemy of the United States?

Now, when Libya, headed by Col. Qaddafi, was shook by the Arab Spring, Obama took action and lead an international coalition to unseat him from power.   Qaddafi was a terrible dictator, but through the years, especially after Reagan’s attack on his compound, he posed little threat to the U.S. and in fact, in recent years was at least a nominal ally.  Instead, Obama supported an Islamic uprising and government, that just yesterday, allowed our ambassador and three others to be murdered.

When it comes to Egypt, President Obama abandoned a long time ally and supported the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood to power.  While Mubarak was a dictator and bastard, he was our bastard.

Now, the Muslim Brotherhood is in power.  This is a bunch who believes in Sharia law, supports the murder of homosexuals, intends to discriminate against Christian Copts, supports female circumcision, and wants to abrogate its treaty with Israel.

So in other words, Obama once again traded a good ally for a bunch that is domestically more repressive than the Murbarak Regime and seems destined to oppose American interests.  With the government allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to storm our embassy the other day, I’d say the writing is on the table.

This is eerily reminiscent of another weak President, one Jimmy Carter and his abandonment of the Shah.  We all know how well that error worked out for the U.S. and for the people of Iran.

Obama’s first term as president is literally the second term of Jimmy Carter.



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