Democrats Say That Mitt Romney Will Pander to Corporations….

Democrats say that Mitt Romney will pander to corporations and the wealthy, yet the Obama administration gave Fisker Automotive $500 million dollars in loans.  These taxpayer funds were supposed to hasten the adoption of green energy and in the process create American jobs.

So, with $500 million in hand of government loans, would you like to guess where Fisker built the factory to produce their electric car?

If you have any inkling of the true nature of Obama’s brilliance, you would have easily guessed that Fisker produces a $100,000 car called the Karma.  A car, dare I say, that only the wealthy can afford.  As to where the jobs were created…well, that would be Finland.  Finland, as in Scandinavia, as in Europe….  Apparently there weren’t any shovels available in the U.S.

That is right, President Obama’s green push awarded Fisker Automotive a $500 million loan that helped create a car that no one in the middle class can afford and in the process, your tax dollars created jobs in Finland.

Don’t believe me, then please watch this video from ABC News–which is hardly a bastion of conservatism–as Brian Ross details Obama’s boondoggle.

Why does this President fund corporations, subsidize automobiles only the 1% can afford, and create jobs, with taxpayer monies, abroad?  By Democratic definitions, Obama is a Republican!

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