Why the DNC Vote on God Matters

At the DNC, they were scrambling to get God and Jerusalem back into the party platform.  I’m not so concerned about the Jerusalem topic at this moment, as it is obvious that Democrats have an anti-Semitic pathos about them.  God on the other hand is important political issue that some might not be aware of.

If you notice, the preacher who proposes the two amendments notes that God is central to the American experience.  The thing is, he is exactly right and probably doesn’t even know it.

This isn’t a Christian versus Jew or a Catholic versus Baptist religious fight, this is simply the acknowledgement of the political fact that our nation’s founding was centered on the belief that our rights as individuals come directly from the Creator.  God in this context is a benevolent Deity who created the universe and mankind.  He doesn’t have to be specifically Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or….

Our political system is unique.  Our rights to life, liberty and property are infused into us by our God.  Why is that significant?  It means that no government, no man, or group of men can take them away your rights as they were given by the Creator.  Only God can take back was he has bestowed upon us.

In every other country, rights come from the Crown, from the state, from statutes, or the whim of a tyrant.  That means, in those countries, individuals can lose their rights as fast as they were given.   In these systems, rights can be retracted by decree, by law, or by force and even worse, groups of individuals can lose their freedoms when they fall out of favor with the regime. Think about the Jews of Nazi Germany, the Ukrainian peasantry in Stalin’s Soviet Union, or the intellectuals during Mao’s Great Leap Forward. These people became disfavored minorities and were persecuted and murdered by their governments.

By rejecting God, those delegates, explicitly have turned their backs on our unique political system, and thus, they have discarded the notion of the sovereignty of the individual and they have embraced the concept that rights flow from government.

Yes, I know the chair ultimately affirmed the two amendments, but any honest person who listens to the clip below knows that the delegates on the floor rejected God and by extension our political system of natural rights, not only once, but three times.

When you vote Democrat, you in essence side with people who reject the concept of God given individual rights of life, liberty and property and who, as well, reject the notion that the government was explicitly given limited powers so as to afford the individual the freedom to exercise their rights to the fullest.

A vote for a Democrat, is in fact, a vote for aristocracy, authoritarianism, and servitude.


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