Local 92 Year Old Man Shoots and Kills Would Be Robber

A 92 year old active farmer and World War II Vet of Northern Kentucky shoot and killed one of three men who tried to rob his home early today.

Earl Jones had just turned off his new TV shortly after 2 a.m. Monday when he heard a bang in the basement.

The 92-year-old Boone County farmer walked eight paces to get his loaded .22 caliber rifle from behind the bedroom door. He unwrapped a beige cloth and returned to the living room, sitting in a chair with clear view – and shot – of the basement door, waiting with the gun across his lap.

Some 15 minutes later, when he heard footsteps moving closer up the stairs, he raised the rifle to his eye. The intruder kicked open the door. Jones fixed his aim on the center of the man’s chest and fired a single shot. The Boone County Sheriff later announced the death of the intruder, Lloyd (Adam) Maxwell, 24, of Richmond, Ky. Read more….

He’s been on local radio all day.  He is feisty and has no regrets as he has been robbed twice before this year.

The best take away lines from his interview are the fact he fired only one shot with a .22 rifle, that he considers “these people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog” and that these scum “have our country in havoc.”

The good thing is that Kentucky has enshrined the castle doctrine into law, so that Mr. Jones will face no legal consequences, unless of course the DA and the Sheriff of Boone County no longer want their jobs.

And, for those morons losers who read that the sheriff took his rifle for evidence, don’t let it give you any ideas.  Mr. Jones bought a spare rifle from a neighbor just a few hours ago.

In the Cincinnati Enquirer article there are pictures of the two thieves who made it out alive from Jone’s farm.  Tattooed, no good, varmints….


From the Boone County Sheriff, here are photos of the two men who entered Mr. Jone’s home.

You know, you gots to pay for them tats.  My guess is that the Chinese symbols either mean retard, scum, or lower than a groundhog.


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