You Need a Driver’s License to Visit the White House….

Did you know that to tour the White House, as a citizen, you must submit a copy of a valid driver’s license at least 21 days in advance of your tour?

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Yet the Obama administration brought a  lawsuit against Texas to keep it from requiring citizens to show ID when voting.  The court in essence said the requirement of a picture ID was racist.

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Furthermore, at our southern border, our government has allowed millions of people to enter our country without valid ID.  For instance, here is one such case.  Our government never asked for a passport and it allowed a child rapist to enter our nation.

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In a Republic, the rule of law is paramount.  There is no aristocracy and there is no peasantry.  Yet, what are we to make of a situation that our political leaders feel the need to require a driver’s license of its citizens to tour the people’s house so because of safety concerns, yet the same class of politicians feel no such concern when it comes to the integrity of our elections or the character of the aliens who enter our nation?

The same rule applies to all, or what you have is not a republic.


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