“Our Plan is Working”–Well, Not Really Mr. President

A few weeks ago, President Obama said, “we tried our plan — and it worked.”

In essence, here is Obama’s plan. Spend, spend, spend, spend.  From the Treasury Department, here in fact, is what the Obama administration has spent in the last for years in terms of deficits–$1.4 trillion, in 2009, $1.294 trillion in 2010, $1.296 trillion in 2011, and as of June of this year, $900 billion.

So, if the plan was to spend our way to prosperity, which by the actuality of our deficits, Obama and the Democrats spent well beyond their wildest dreams, why then does this chart exist?


The Obama/Democratic plan to spend our way to prosperity has failed to even return our employment levels to those of 2001, nevertheless those of 2008.

If that is success, the plan must have been something other than economic recovery and if in fact that was the plan of this administration, then it has worked.

Facts are tough things.  If you are an ideologue, you will still vote for Obama.  If you are a child of the Age of Reason, you will deduce that socialism and communism was and still is a colossal failure.

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