Database Meltdown

Update: I tried for 8 more hours and logged four of that with GoDaddy and still can’t get my original database to work.  So, I’m pretty much giving up hope of getting 6 years of posts back.

In some respects, that isn’t bad.  A new theme and now I have a reason to post more often.

My site has been acting wonky ever since Godaddy migrated it to a “better” server a few months ago.  Today, the database just disappeared.  Every back up that I have tried to restore has been corrupted.

I think at this point, it is probably just better to start over.  A friend of mine who is a WordPress guru has tried for 4 hours to fix things, but even the backups are useless.

That is going to take awhile as I have six years of effort invested here.  So bear with me as The Virtuous Republic is relaunched anew.  Hopefully, bigger and better.

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