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Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015 Posted by on Oct 21, 2015

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Pot Fails in Ohio

Pot Fails in Ohio Posted by on Nov 3, 2015

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Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Murder Livi...

Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Murder Living in Martha’s Vineyard Posted by on Nov 25, 2015

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Video of F-35C Test Trials on Nimitz

Video of F-35C Test Trials on Nimitz Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

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Paul Ryan – An Answer to a Questio...

Paul Ryan –  An Answer to a Question No One Asked Posted by on Oct 9, 2015

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Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Murder Living in Martha’s Vineyard

I wonder how the one percent feel about a Brazilian murder and illegal immigrant living among them. One would think that the effete ruling class would be outraged that an illegal immigrant wanted for murder was living among them. Did I mention he had a previous criminal conviction? The real question is, are the wealthy in...

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Illegal Mexican Immigrant Sentenced for Sexual Assault of a 12 Year Old

An illegal Mexican immigrant was recently sentenced for the sexual assault of a 12 year old girl.  Every Washington politician that supports illegal immigration from Mexico should be held accountable for this rape. Can even the wicked, Marxist left be for this?  Honestly, we should have 200,000 troops on the southern border to end...

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Illegal Immigrant Wanted for Rape of 4 Year Old

Every politician, businessman, religious organization, and citizen who wholeheartedly promote illegal immigration, in my mind, obviously support the rape of 4 year olds. It is simple as this.  Had we kept this man out of this nation, this rape WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. By facilitating illegal immigration, those mentioned above,...

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Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Raping 13 Year Old

I just don’t understand how anyone can be okay with illegal immigration, as it allows for crimes like this. If you support illegal immigration, you support the rape of 13 year old girls as well. A local farmhand has admitted he raped a 13-year-old girl in Sparta in June 2014, according to a report in the New Jersey Herald....

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The MU Police Have Become the Red Guard

Nov 10, 15 The MU Police Have Become the Red Guard

Posted by in Featured, The Far Left

Seems the MU police have become the Red Guard for the left’s movement against freedom. It is time to crush this movement now.  Of course the leftist governor of Missouri will not be the one to do it.  But I assume, as this unravels, several hundred million dollar lawsuits might force the legislature to act. Be Sociable,...

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Previously Deported Child Molester Arrested

Illegal aliens aren’t a threat? I guess only those who don’t love their children say that and support illegal immigration.  When a child molester enters your nation twice, there is a problem. On Oct. 29, Fernando Perez Espericueta, 46, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was apprehended by Carrizo Springs Border...

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Pot Fails in Ohio

Nov 03, 15 Pot Fails in Ohio

Posted by in Elections, Featured

Issue 3 tanks in Ohio, meaning leftist, dirty hippies will have to remain in the shadows, away from normal, god-fearing folks for the time being. Be Sociable, Share!...

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Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty To Murder

What sense does it make to import millions of low rent, third world losers?  Don’t we have enough naturally born Americans who fit that bill? In this case, Angel Nava decided to kill his girlfriend. These people DO NOT SHARE OUR VALUES.  Yet we import them by the millions. Build a damn big wall and deport every last one of...

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Illegal Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Selling Heroin

Heroin has become a national epidemic, yet our national mono-party in Washington adds to the misery by allowing a drug dealing illegal immigrant like Andres Avila to ply his trade in the United States. Deport all the illegal immigrants.  Guard the borders.  And, set up a system of limited immigration of no more than 200,000 people...

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Illegal Alien Sentenced for Sexual Assault Against 6 Year Old

Have the supporters and promoters of illegal immigration have no soul? Their actions, simply put, cause rape, robbery, and murder to be inflicted upon the American people. Or is that part of their plan? Can our elites be so callous, that they would allow creatures like this illegal alien, recently sentenced for sexual assault...

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Criminal Alien Sentenced for Attacking Forest Service Officer

A previously deported, convicted felon, illegal alien was convicted of attacking a Forest Service officer in 2014. We have no immigration system and obviously our boare broken as this criminal alien easily returned to the United States after being deported.   Tucson, Arizona – Monday, Jesus Eder Moreno-Ornelas, 31, of...

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Illegal Alien Sentenced for Killing a Family

A previously deported criminal alien, Marco Hernandez Ramirez, drove drunk and killed a husband and wife, and their five year old daughter. Despite case after case of criminal aliens slaughtering innocent Americans, the Republican “Establishment” and the Democratic Party still promote illegal immigration. The only...

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Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

Oct 21, 15 Fiscal Year Deficit for 2015

Posted by in Budget, Featured

John Boehner is crowing that the deficit is at its lowest point since 2007. I don’t know about you, but is a $438 billion deficit anything to brag about? In two years, that means we’ve overspent by $900 billion.  To me, this is like a wife beater saying, “Hey, I’ve gone from beating her 4 times a day, to 2...

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Illegal Alien, with 4th DUI, Kills Cyclist While Drunk

In this case, when have an illegal alien who had been arrested for DUI three times.  He was slated to be deported, but was, under Obama’s immigration rules, allowed to post bail and of course he never showed up to be deported. The last time he drove drunk, he killed an American citizen, who was cycling in Scott County,...

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Criminal Alien Deported Six Times Arrested for DUI

A criminal alien, deported 6 times since 2012 nearly killed a mother and her two children, when high on marijuana and driving on the wrong side of the road.  He was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Every Chamber of Commerce, Republican, and Democrat who support illegal immigration are responsible for, what is,...

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Illegal Alien Arrested for Double Murder

A previously deported illegal alien was arrested for a double murder earlier this summer. Dead are an 18 year old  mother and her 3 year old daughter. I know that to the left, what I’m about to say is clear as mud, but to those of us who know the superiority of western culture, it is quite simple.  Those from the third world...

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